At NuEar, we're continuously innovating

NuEar is a world leader in the developement of innovate hearing aid technology.

Over the past decade, hearing aids have transitioned from single-purpose devices designed to improce audibility for people eith hearing loss to “connected” devices that let users stream phone calls, television, music and other audio signals directly from their smartphones to their hearing aids.

With Circa hearing aids you get the industry’s smartest rechargeable, a solution for single-sided hearing loss and our best-sounding and best-performing device ever.

This is Circa

With Circa, you’ll enjoy supreme sound clarity, comfort and universal connectivity. Thanks to advanced technology we call Hearing Reality, Circa is designed to be effective in the noisiest environments. 

In fact, a recent independent study gave Circa hearing aids the top rating compared to other manufacturers’ premium devices for reducing background noise in noisy listening environments. And our Mask Mode feature helps make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.

Hear speech comfortably even in busy settings while unwanted noise is suppressed.

No buzzing, no whistling, just comfortable, feedback-free listening all day.

Hearing health means a healthier you

A growing body of evidence points to a connection between hearing health and overall health. People who treat their hearing loss not only hear better, but may lower their risk for serious health issues such as cognitive decline and dementia.

Research supports that it’s a change worth making. Adults with moderate to severe hearing loss are three to five times more likely to develop dementia.

Custom. Convenient. Comfortable.

Meet the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aids. Custom means the hearing aid is custom molded to fit your unique ear canal comfortably and securely. And they won’t get tangled or pulled off when wearing or removing face masks. Multiple color options allow you to be discreet or show off your new in-ear device.

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